Q. How much is a membership?
A. Our membership fees have been posted on Facebook. They are also posted on our website: https://bostwick2018.ca/membership/.  

Q. What information do I need to apply for subsidy?
A. Our subsidy is based on total household income. Please bring in photocopies of: 2 consecutive pay stubs (for the adults in the house), + statements for GST rebates, Trillium, OSAP, Child support, Child tax credit, Spousal support, Rental income, ODSP, or Ontario Works, etc. (whichever apply).  We will be able to assess on the spot.

Q. How many programs can we register for?
A.  Each member can register for 1 Wet program (i.e. swim lessons) and 2 Dry programs each session. 

Q. Will you add more programs?
A.  Each department has plans in place for growing their program offering for the Winter and Spring sessions. We will also monitor our membership numbers and add classes as we grow throughout the Fall session. Follow us on Facebook, as we will post all new Drop-In programs there.

Q. When do programs start?
A. Please check the Website and Facebook for the Barcode sheets. These have the exact start date of each program.  Most Dry programs will begin the week of October 22nd.  Pool programs will begin the week of October 29th.

Q.  How many people are included in a family membership?
A. A family membership includes two adults and all children and youth up to age 24, who are living in the house.

Q. What time does Child Minding run?
A. Child Minding hours are:
Monday – Friday 9:00am-3:00pm
Monday – Thursday 4:00pm-8:30pm
Saturday and Sunday 9:00am – 1:00pm

Q. If I am a member of another YMCA, can I use Bostwick?
A. Yes. 

Q. What is your pool temperature?
A. We have not set our pool temperatures yet. As we are planning on running a large number of swimming lessons, our pools will be on the warmer side.

Q.  Will there be adult programs in the Family Pool?
A. The Family pool is open to everyone. It is a shallow pool of approximately 3 feet deep. This is too shallow to safely run an Aquafit class.

Q. Do you need a membership to use the Community Walking loop?
A. The Community Walking Loop is open to the community and does not require a membership. The hours of the loop will match the hours of the facility.

Q. Do you offer private swim lessons?
A. We are aiming to offer Private lessons in the Winter Session.

Q. What hours are you open?
A. Our hours will be:
Monday – Friday 5:30am-12:00am
Saturday 7:00am-9:00pm
Sunday 7:00am-7:00pm

*Please note that all program spaces will close 30 minutes prior to close.